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Charlyn Wilson

Charlyn Wilson


Charlyn has played the viola since the seventh grade, and orchestra and chamber music have always provided an enjoyable avocation for her. She was principal viola in the Palatine Hill (Portland Columbia Symphony) until 1987, when she started her career in nursing. She was also a member of the Portland Opera for 12 years, and rejoined Portland Columbia Symphony in 1997. Playing chamber music continues to be a passion as well; currently she plays in the Trillium Piano Quartet.

As a nurse she worked for Legacy Health for 32 years, in Pediatrics, Pediatric Oncology, and for the Legacy Cancer Institute. She is also involved in disaster preparedness and response activities in Tualatin.

Her other enjoyable pursuits include travel, beading, and cooking. She shares daily life with her husband and two cats.

Charlyn Wilson’s chair is sponsored by Jim Claypool.