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Lori Porter Stole

Lori Porter Stole


Lori has been a core member of Portland Columbia Symphony since she arrived in Portland in 1986. She’s also a long-time member of the Newport Symphony, and has played with various other Portland-area groups over the years. Before coming to Oregon, Lori played with orchestras in Germany and in Delaware. She loves to play chamber music and is a member of several chamber ensembles.

Lori began her musical journey with piano and added violin at age eight thanks to the public school music program near Tacoma, WA. After graduating from high school and the Tacoma Youth Symphony she continued on to college and the University of Washington orchestra.

With a chemical engineering degree from the University of Washington, Lori worked as an engineer in Delaware, Germany, and Portland. She then delved into the non-profit realm with various environmental and sustainability projects. Lori and her husband have grown twin children and live in a house they built themselves, near Sherwood. They tend their young organic hazelnut orchard and like to hike when possible!